Assure Medical are working with women to develop a non-antibiotic solution to prevent recurrent UTIs among sexually active females. We are on a mission to restore health, quality of life as well as tackling the problem of growing antibiotic resistance. Our goal is to highlight awareness of this invisible and debilitating illness affecting an estimated 1 in 5 women worldwide.

Facts and Stats on UTIs

Did you know?
Most Common Infection

UTIs are considered to be the most common type of bacterial infection today

Affects 50% of all females

Half of all women develop a UTI and about 30% of them suffer from recurrent UTIs regardless of age, race, socioeconomics or sexual orientation.

Antibiotic Resistance

UTIs are becoming increasingly resistant to common antibiotic treatment.

Sexual Activity triggers UTIs

Almost 80% of recurrent UTIs are triggered by sexual activity

Impacts Relationships

57% percent of recurrent UTI sufferers admitted their relationships were negatively affected by UTIs.

Quality of Life Costs

UTIs significantly impact quality of life, daily activities and mental health of women

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